In this Newsletter, the following topics will be discussed:

New Property Owners and Residents

Home Improvements

Road Improvements

Front Entrance Improvements


Water System

Wednesdays on the Waterfront

Annual Meeting


Drive Slowly

Please remember to observe our speed limit while driving, especially during the busy season (now). With the foliage and curves, our roads are not meant for speeds exceeding 20 mph. Please be courteous to residents and guests.

Welcome to the Community

Welcome to Darrell and Marlene Bell, who have purchased the house at 484 Indian Lake Road. The Bells are from Monticello, Georgia.

Home Improvements

We take pride in our homes and community. Home improvements and maintenance reflect our values. Please notify the Architectural Control Committee of any plans to make improvements and changes (such as painting or replacing your roof) with regard to your house, deck, yard or lot. You may not be required to file plans under the Regulations, but we will be pleased to advise you if it is required, and good communication is certainly appreciated by your neighbors.

Please check our website for the most current Architectural Control Regulations. See


The Guardrail on Indian Lake Road has been replaced by a new metal rail. The newer guardrail is closer to the road than the old one.  This is another reason to drive slowly through the community.  The placement of the rail is not only safer for drivers; it is now compliant with road safety regulations and requirements.  We have added reflective tape as a temporary measure and will install more visible reflectors over the next few weeks. The Guardrail is located on Indian Lake Road since that is the most heavily trafficked area in the community.  Many thanks to Everett Bedenbaugh for managing this project and delivering this outstanding improvement for our roads.

Repaving has been contracted for the following areas:

  1. (1) 151 feet from Hollar’s driveway to beaver dam
  2. (2) 164 feet going uphill toward Hennig’s
  3. (3) 455 feet from Mohawk Drive to Hair’s driveway
  4. (4) 165 feet across Rainbow Dam
  5. (6) 121 feet from Noyes driveway toward Gibson house
  6. (7) 223 feet from Gibson property toward McClung’s
  7. (8) 85 feet from McClung’s property toward Naylor’s
  8. (10) 72 feet beside Coggins’ house
  9. (5) 207 feet from Five Points to above Pence’s home
  10. (9) 90 feet in front of Timms’ house
  11. (11) 360 feet from Bell’s toward Toxaway Trail

The numbers in parentheses are marked on the road.

Paving is scheduled for mid-August by Pisgah Asphalt Company. Residents will be notified one week in advance.

Roadside maintenance to cut back branches and vegetation hanging over the roads has been scheduled and should be performed during the next 2 weeks.


Front Entrance Improvements

Thanks to the Beautification Committee and residents who volunteered to improve the park like appearance at our front entrance. It is more attractive and pleasing to residents, prospective residents and guests.

Dam Repairs

According to Willian Denton, Dam Safety Engineer of the NCDENR, our plans to repair the dam at Indian Lake are on the “short list to get reviewed.” We are working with Medlock Engineering to achieve approval, but it is likely that the repairs will not commence until spring 2017.

Water System

The water system is healthy. However, the water tank adjacent to the waterfront park is over 30 years old, and is due to be replaced. This major infrastructure project has been budgeted for in 2017, and will occur in the spring. We are contracting the work to A & D maintenance, the firm that currently maintains our system.

Waterfront Wednesdays

With warm weather here, residents are invited to join the weekly gathering on Wednesday at 5:00pm at the Waterfront Park. Bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice. Weather permitting, of course.


Our website, provides much information about our community. Residents who would like to post real estate listings including rentals are welcome to do so. Please contact Everett Bedenbaugh, our webmaster.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 10 at 10:00 am, again at the Firehouse. Ballots and the Budget will be sent in advance. We look forward to seeing you there.

Finally, on a personal note, this will be my last newsletter as President. My term is up in September and although I will remain on the Board, I am not a candidate for President in 2016-2017. I appreciate the support of the community and my fellow Board members, and hope that I have helped provide the services and improvements that our beautiful and serene community deserve. Thank you all for allowing me to serve.

Michael Gould

President, ILE

678 475 1746 office, 678 520 7557