Canoe racks are allocated based on an annual lottery system May 1 to April 30.

Specifically: On or before April 15 we will ask each of the households if they would like to be considered for a spot on the rack for the subsequent 12 months starting May 1. If there are fewer requests than spots available, everyone who requests one and agrees to pay the $25 annual charge will have a spot for one year and remaining spots will be allocated first come first served. If there are more requests than spots, we will randomly select names to be allocated spots for a year. Note each spot requires a $25 annual fee, entrance to the lottery is at no cost.

Each year we will repeat this process, however new or unfulfilled requests (defined as those who did NOT have a spot the prior year) will have ‘first shot.’  To illustrate: next year the process will involve a request for applications for spots again. Those who did not have a spot the prior year will be entered into a lottery and allocated spots randomly. If after this allocation, any spots remain, those who have had a spot the prior year will be entered into a second lottery and allocated remaining spots.

                              2021 CANOE RACK HOLDERS

D                                                                                                                                    9             10

E                                           1             2                            5             6                            11           12

C                                           3             4                            7             8                            13           14          

K                                                                                        WATER

Assigned Slots




4.            PEERSON

5.            PAPPAS

6.            COGGINS

7.            GILLMAN




11.         HASSETT  (2 KAYAKS ON SLOT)

12.         REID

13.         MICOCCI

14.         SHERRELL

John Boat:  Nancy Naylor