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Cool, quiet, lush mountain living is at the heart of Indian Lake Estates.  With extraordinary mountain views focused around two shimmering lakes, ILE is ideal for full time and part time vacation living. A strong private residential community for over 40 years, we bask in a rich landscape with affordable homes and wooded home sites.


Regulations Concerning Signs in Indian Lake Estates

Please be aware that we have a policy around signs posted in our community.  Please adhere to these guidelines by not posting any signage throughout the neighborhood.  If you feel that we need signage for a particular purpose, please reach out to me or other members of the Board of Directors and we will take it into consideration.  If you have posted something on your own accord, please remove it.  Following is our sign policy for your reference.
1. Letters on signs designating the name(s) of the owner(s), or property name, shall be limited to no more than 3 inches high on a surface area (the sign) not to exceed 288 square inches. This shall not apply to any temporary signage used by contractors during construction of a dwelling or while undergoing renovation. 
2. For Sale, No Trespassing, No Dumping and/or Political signs, Realtor Information Boxes, and the like, shall not be erected by owners or their agents. 
3. Security system signage is permitted.
Hedgie Bartol

Waterfront Park OPEN

Many renovations have been made to the park but the handrails have not yet been replaced so the use of the steps to the water will be at your own risk.   If you have balance issues, please do not use the steps until the handrails are installed.

Gather at Waterfront Park on Wednesdays

Wednesday gatherings will officially begin this week June 2nd at 5:00 the waterfront park, weather permitting.   (Bring your own beverage).

Canoe Racks Available

 We do have a limited number of canoe racks available at the Waterfront Park for an annual cost of $25.00.  If you are interested in renting one send request to


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