Indian Lake Club, Inc.

Standing Committees 2020/2021

(Updated 12 May 2021)

Hedgie Bartol is a member, ex-officio, of all committees. Hedgie will serve in the capacity as CEO/President of the Board of Directors.

Dick Hennig, Chair
Frank Campbell
Rich Firebaugh

John Pappas, Chair 
Hedgie Bartol

Ron and Jan Harden, Chairs 
Everett Bedenbaugh

Rich Firebaugh, Chair 
Hedgie Bartol
Joe Kennedy

Vivian Vlahon-Snyder, Chair
Mike Snyder
Bonnie Crocker
Barbara Pence
Joyce Bedenbaugh
Jan Harden

Jeannette Lee, Chair 
Ron Harden
Frank Campbell

Everett Bedenbaugh, Chair 


Water Committee       

  • Responsibilities include overseeing the Lake Toxaway Well and Indian Lake Well, monitoring water usage,  locating and  troubleshooting water leaks and coordinating repairs with our water maintenance contractor

Lakes and Dams           

  • Dams – respond and address inspections made by Department of Environmental Quality of the dams and spillways.  Rainbow Dam is maintained by the community, Indian Lake Dam is labeled a high hazard dam and is subject to inspections and repairs required by the state.
  • Work with landscaping contractor to keep the grass cut, and insure that the dams are not compromised by foot traffic or unwanted critters who might damage the dams.  Maintain access road to the Indian Lake Dam
  • Update and maintain the Emergency Action Plan on file with the state.
  • Lakes – Address any critter incidents; mitigate grass and algae, stock fish if needed.


  • Procure annual contract for maintaining roadsides, and for snow and ice removal.  Work with contactor to oversee maintenance of roadsides, debris removal from storms and other causes, and minimize erosion of ditches adjacent to roadways.
  • Negotiate paving contracts and supervise asphalt work

Architectural Control      

  • Approve any changes to a vacant lot before clearing or grading is begun or work is performed on a building or addition, dock, fence wall, driveway or septic system to be sure changes are in harmony with natural surroundings.
  •  Review and approve plot plans and building specifications for proposed improvements, meeting with the owner/builder before groundbreaking to ensure accordance with Architectural Control Regulations.


  • Maintain website for Indian Lake Estates, submitting and updating information about current events in the community, property for rent and for sale in the community.


  • Work to enhance the community’s overall appearance by maintaining the common areas including the waterfront park and dock area. Negotiating and overseeing contracts for renovations at the waterfront park.
  • Coordinate maintenance of the landscaping at the front entrance to ILE.
  • Set social gatherings calendar throughout the year
  • Decorate the community for designated holidays.