Indian Lake Club, Inc.

Standing Committees 2018/2019

John McClung is a member, ex-officio, of all committees. John will serve in the capacity as CEO/President of the Board of Directors.

INDIAN LAKE CLUB, INC. – Indian Lake Estates Standing Committees 2019-2020 


Dick Hennig, Chair 727.743.4092

Frank Campbell, Rich Firebaugh 


John Pappas, Chair 404.664.4048

Jerry Hollar, Frank Campbell, Hedgie Bartol 

ROADS – PAVING Everett Bedenbaugh, Chair 864.980.3349 

ROADS –MAINTENANCE John McClung, Chair 352.232.3411 

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL Rich Firebaugh, Chair 727.480.3500

Hedgie Bartol, Danny Pate 

BEAUTIFICATION Vivian Vlahon-Snyder, Chair 727.458.9465

Mike Snyder, Bonnie Crocker, Barbara Pence, Anne McClung, Joyce Bedenbaugh 

BUDGET 2020 Jeannette Lee, Chair 941.350.7390

John McClung, Anne McClung, Ed Tisdale, Frank Campbell