President’s Newsletter

   May 2016

We welcome our seasonal residents as the mountains spring back to life. You will notice that we have made improvements in the community. There will be further projects scheduled during the warm weather.

Speed Limits

Please obey the speed limits that are posted in the community. With seasonal residents and weekenders here there will be increased traffic and more residents walking throughout the neighborhood. Please slow down and encourage guests and visitors to be aware of the need to drive cautiously.

Waterfront Park

Please take note of the vast improvements made at the Waterfront Park. The Beautification Committee did a wonderful job with making the Park more user friendly. A hand railing was installed, the path was graded, and gravel and steps were added to the path. Also, the dock was reinforced and a back wall built. Rock was placed near the boat launch. We hope that many residents will enjoy the Park this spring and summer.

On another matter, we ask all residents who currently store canoes and kayaks on the Canoe Racks to identify and register their watercraft. Please contact Barbara Pence and positively identify your boat by placing a mark on it or by stating, in writing, the rack location. If you are not actively using the boat, we ask that you remove it as there are other residents who would like to use the rack. Otherwise, demand may require a lottery system for use of the racks.

Home Improvements

With warmer weather here, many residents may have plans for home improvements. Please note that our Covenants and Architectural Regulations are meant to protect everyone’s enjoyment of their property. Please notify the Architectural Control Committee Chairperson, Aleta Tisdale, of any plans to make improvements and changes (such as painting or replacing your roof) with regard to your house, deck, yard or lot. You may not be required to file plans under the Regulations, but we will be pleased to advise you if it is required, and good communication is certainly appreciated by your neighbors.


Repaving has been contracted with Pisgah Asphalt Company to commence in August, 2016. Priority has been given to primary roads. Repaving on secondary roads will begin in 2017. The particular roads scheduled to be repaved can be found online in the Board of Director Meeting Minutes.


The Guardrails on Indian Lake Road are being replaced by sturdy, long lasting painted metal rails. Work is due to commence shortly. Residents will receive notice when the contractor, Asheville Fence, will begin working.

Lakes and Dam Repairs

The lakes are healthy and look fantastic. We have minor algae and grass issues and are obtaining a proposal for treatment.  The fish population is strong.

BUT, BE ON THE ALERT for unwanted visitors at the dams or in the lakes i.e., beavers, river otters, groundhogs.   Please let us know if you see any activity.  We don’t want them to destroy our beautiful lakes.

On the dam repair front, we have contacted NCDNR to find out whether our dam repair proposal has been accepted. NCDNR has notified us that our case will be reviewed soon.

Waterfront Wednesdays

With warm weather here, residents are invited to join the weekly gathering on Wednesday at 5:00pm at the Waterfront Park. Bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with your neighbors and enjoy the improved Waterfront Park!


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Gould

President, ILC

678 475 1746 office

678 520 7559 cell