President’s Newsletter June, 2022 

Indian Lake Club, Inc. Indian Lake Estates 

President’s Newsletter June, 2022 

Happy Summer to all at ILE!! 

Well, summer is here and the living is easy! At least, we try to make […]

President’s Newsletter December 2021

Happy Holidays to all at ILE!!

First of all, allow me to start with an apology. My apologies for the delay in sending out theNewsletter. I will save any excuses […]

President’s Newsletter August 2020


(This Newsletter was reposted in October 2021 – Original post contained malicious code)

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Our rains are still here.  Some of these […]

Are Your Boats on the Ground?

Fellow Indian Lake Property Owners:

This is to follow up regarding the canoe/kayak storage area.  We have the benefit of having racks for water crafts for community members to use […]

President’s Newsletter July 2021

Happy Summer to all the ILE folks!!

 Did you know that Transylvania County was named based on two Latin words? “Trans” meaning across and “sylvan” meaning woods. Well, once you spend […]

President’s Request for Volunteers

Dear ILE Community:

Once again, a big thank you to the Beautification Committee and all those volunteers that helped with the Memorial Day Picnic!  I would say that it was […]

President’s Newsletter April 2021

Greetings from your new HOA president!

One of my favorite things about spring is the sense that all things are new again. In that regard, we also have a new […]

President’s Newsletter February 2021

Special NoticeThe 2021 Assessment invoices were sent out in November and are due March 1.  Most of you have opted for receiving by email, a few have been sent […]

President’s Newsletter May 2020

Indian Lake Club, Inc. 
Indian Lake Estates


I hope this newsletter finds you all well.  The State of North Carolina has started phase one  of Reopening on May 8th at […]

President’s Update April 2020

Good Day Everyone.

I hope this finds you all well.  There have been a lot of changes with Covid-19 so I thought I would bring you up to date with […]