Indian Lake Club, Inc. Indian Lake Estates 

President’s Newsletter June, 2022 

Happy Summer to all at ILE!! 

Well, summer is here and the living is easy! At least, we try to make it that way. Once again, apologies for the delay in the newsletter. Much is happening and time is limited. So, the weather has warmed up quite a bit and activities are back to their full summer swing! Good to see folks returning to the community for the summer. 

● A quick update on the situation(s) in the neighborhood following all the rain from Hurricane Fred and after. John Pappas, Rich Firebaugh and Matt Pickett have put in countless hours on engineering and working with a contractor to repair Rainbow Lake. The initial work was done rather well and with very little impact on our community. However, the contractor did not follow our design and there were further issues that had to be addressed. It appears that we are almost to the finish line there. Many thanks, again, to John, Rich and Matt for working to find a design and plan that has saved us a great deal of money. 

The SBA has initially turned down our request for a loan. However, we have sent a letter of appeal with further documentation in the hopes that they will reconsider our request. Hopefully, we can accomplish this. A huge thank you to Jeannette Lee for working on this! 

In regards to the potential expenses we are faced with on repairs around the neighborhood and the dam; we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we do not need to have a special assessment. None of us want that. We will use all the funds that have been set aside in order to address the repairs as well as emergency funds as needed. Our Board will explore all avenues to prevent this from happening and look out for the best interest of our community as a whole. 

● Since my last letter, we have 3 new owners: 

o Richard and Carol Tangum of Decatur, Ga, purchased two lots on Indian Lake Road 

o Isaiah Dodson of Brevard purchased a lot on Rainbow’s End and has begun construction on a house 

o Wendy and Ronald Phillips of Lancaster, SC purchased a lot on Cherokee Circle Please welcome them all to our community.

● Our Board Member, Gina Brown has put together a list of service providers around the area that has been posted on our website. The ILE Club does not endorse any of these folks, but there is that resource for you if you are looking for a provider. Thank you, Gina! 

● Comporium is still working on the installation of Fiber Optics in our neighborhood and the surrounding community. The work has slowed but is still progressing. They have an estimate of the end of the year for full installation. Probably several reasons for delay, but the biggest reason is the shortage of computer chips and such that has affected delivery for the units that go to each house. Nonetheless, it will be great to have internet that is actually in the 21st century! 

● Along with the warmer weather, comes more outside activity, especially on our lake. We have many homeowners that love to utilize the wonderful Waterfront Park that we are fortunate to have. With that, there is always a potential for folks outside of our community to take it upon themselves to enjoy it as well. We are unable to allow anyone that is not an owner or guest of an owner to use the common areas in our community, for many reasons, not the least of which is liability. I have actually never run into anyone that was not an owner or invited guest, but the possibility exists. So, in that regard, here are a couple things to remember: 

o The Waterfront Park belongs to all of us. Please be respectful and clean up after yourselves. 

o If you see someone at the park and you are unsure if they are an owner or guest, please be kind! Approach them and welcome them. Strike up a conversation and ask where they are from, where they are staying, etc. If it is CLEAR that they are not an owner or guest, please reach out to a Board member such as myself or another and we will handle it. There is no need for anger or confrontation. Imagine if it is a new owner, or guest that may be a potential owner and their experience is an unpleasant one. We are all in this together and there is no reason to not be kind to one another. 

o Noise. I think I speak for all of us, when I say how nice it is to hear the laughter of children and the sounds of families enjoying our area. Noise of this sort, and the happiness it brings is awesome! However, realize there is a noise ordinance between 9:00pm and 6:00am on weekdays and 9:00pm and 8:00am on weekends. A copy of that language can be found here: 

/ Noise%20Ord%20rev%2011-13-13.pdf 

● Following is some information from the Historic Toxaway Foundation: o 2021 HTF ANNUAL REPORT 

Our new Annual Report is out! To learn more about the Historic Toxaway Foundaon, what we do in service to our local 

communies, and our goals for the future, click here. 


If your business is located in Sapphire, Lake Toxaway, or Rosman, please consider joining the Business Alliance of Upper Transylvania

(BAUT) — it’s a free grassroots organizaon that encourages business networking and local promoon! To learn more, click here. 

And take note of BAUT’s 2022 Meet + Greet Schedule – usually held the first Tuesday of the month (note excepons*) from 8-9am. These events are free but please RSVP to so we’ll know to expect you. 

▪ JUN 7 The Forks of the River Taproom at Headwaters Ouiers, Rosman 

▪ JULY* No meeng will be held 

▪ AUG 2 Earthshine Lodge, Lake Toxaway 

▪ SEP 13* Gorges State Park, Sapphire 

▪ OCT 4 Pisgah Astronomical Research Center (PARI), Rosman 

▪ NOV 1 The Greystone Inn, Lake Toxaway 


Headwaters Ouiers in Rosman has graciously offered to assume interim hosng of the Historic Toxaway Visitor Center (formerly located at The Mountain Café in Lake Toxaway). Business owners, if you have brochures or other collateral you would like to distribute there, please bring to a BAUT Meet + Greet event or drop them off at Headwaters Ouiers with a staff member. 

Thanks so much ~ 

Jackie Gambill 

Marketing Director 


● Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I inform the community that I will be stepping down as President. As some of you may know, I changed jobs late last year. With that has come increased travel as well as increased responsibilities and workload. I am simply not able

to give the proper attention to the presidency as my conscience requires. I realize that I have an amazing Board that is doing 99% of the work around here, but as president, I feel an obligation to work on and address each thing that comes up and I am simply unable to. This, in turn, causes a great deal of stress and guilt and is having an adverse affect on my stress level and health. 

I will continue serving as a Board member, but simply feel that I can no longer continue to support the presidency as it deserves. Please understand that this is in no way a reflection on the Board and all the support that they have provided. They are all amazing and work extremely hard! I just cannot escape the guilt of being unable to take care of what I feel I need to be doing in this role. 

I will continue as President for the month of June, but will need to step down by the end of the month if not before. 

Thank you all for all the support and help you have given me during my term as President. 

Hedgie Bartol 

President, ILE