Fellow Indian Lake Property Owners:

This is to follow up regarding the canoe/kayak storage area.  We have the benefit of having racks for water crafts for community members to use to store their water crafts safely and in a manner that helps to mitigate damage to the crafts.  We are in fortunate position where we have available slots for folks that might like to store their craft there, which is fantastic!
 However, we still have a situation where there are three unidentified crafts at the park.  One Rogue River Canoe and two kayaks.  It appears that they belong to the same family.  While we do appreciate them being moved to a more convenient location where they are not collecting water, right now they are blocking someone else’s assigned and paid for rack.  In accordance with our documented rules regarding the rack storage area, since the owner has not identified themselves, and the crafts are not in an assigned rack, if the owner(s) of these crafts does not contact Jeannette Lee (941-350-7390) by Friday August 13th, they will be removed and a recovery fee of $50 per craft will be assessed.  
Jeannette will be happy to assist you in getting you a couple of racks assigned to accommodate all three of your crafts.  Given the nature of the crafts, you will need two racks in order to accommodate.  One for the canoe and one for the two kayaks.  Jeannette will work with you to assign the most convenient racks for you.  The fee is $25 per rack for the year or any part thereof.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Hedgie Bartol – President