Indian Lake Club, Inc.  Indian Lake Estates

Special Notices

  1. ASSESSMENTS: The 2020 Assessment invoices will be sent out in November.  Most of you have opted for receiving by email, a few will be sent by USPS.  If you do not receive your invoice, please contact Jeannette Lee at (941) 350-7390.  We have no plans to alter the assessments for the coming year.
  2. FINANCES:  The budget is in excellent shape currently.  We have a healthy reserve in place for the dam repairs, road maintenance and other community upkeep needs.  That being said we are continuing to be conservative with our spending until we know the actual costs of dam repairs.
  3. FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Transylvania County Fire Tax, Lake Toxaway Fire District.  Please see attached letter from our Lake Toxaway Fire Rescue Department and their request to contact the County Commissioners and Oppose the Flat Tax.  This letter and opposing views can also be viewed on our web site.
  4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Your Board members, Committee Chairs and Committee members are all doing an excellent job of maintaining the community, but they could use a little help.  Please consider joining the Board or volunteering on a committee where your knowledge and life experience will be appreciated. At the end of this newsletter you will find a list of the Committee Chairs and their contact information.
  5. WATER LEAK CLARIFICATION:  There have been some questions about who pays for what concerning water leaks.  Our policy remains unchanged. Finding the leak is paid for by the community. If the leak is between the well and a shut off valve,( this includes the valve); the repairs are arranged and paid for by the community.  If the leak is in the line from the valve to a house it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange for repairs and pay for said repairs. 



Just like last year, fall is definitely here and winter is just around the corner.  We are experiencing lower than normal temperatures so be mindful of ice on the roadways.

Good Neighbors 

Along with watching out for each other’s homes, let’s also watch out for each other by checking our speed in the community.  For those of you who rent, please let your renters know of our 20 mph speed limit. There have been several close calls over the past few months.

Please respect the covenants and regulations of the community by running any major project by our Architectural Control Committee, chaired by Rich Firebaugh.


We have had several reports of loose or stray dogs roaming the community.  If you encounter any aggressive dogs, or other animals, please contact Transylvania County Animal Services, (828) 883-3713.  If you have a dog or dogs please remember ILE and Transylvania County have leash laws, do not let your dogs run loose.

Dam Repairs

John Pappas advised us at the Annual Meeting that everything requested by the State has been completed and turned over to them.  DEQ will be investigating the findings and we are awaiting their directions. This could take an additional year, or more, we will keep you posted.

Waterfront Wednesdays

The Wednesday Gatherings have come to an end for the year.  The turnout for this year had been outstanding with all having a great time.

Real Estate

The Bell house at 484 Indian Lake Road was listed in October and is now under contract.

At this time that leaves only one house left for sale in the community.

Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party will be on Saturday Dec. 7th at John and Anne McClung’s house, 352 Cherokee Circle.  Your invitation will be sent out soon.


John T. McClung

President, ILE

(352) 232-3411