Indian Lake Club, Inc.  Indian Lake Estates

Special Notice

The 2020 Assessments were sent out in November and are due March 1.  Most of you have opted for receiving by email, a few have been sent by USPS.  If you do not receive your invoice, please contact Jeannette Lee at (941) 350-7390.


January has started out mild but a bit wet, we had almost 12 inches of rain. February is continuing this soggy daily forecast.  We did get one nice beautiful snow of about 4 inches which only lasted for a day.  There have been some strong winds so please check on the houses of those who are gone for the winter.

Good Neighbors

Along with watching out for each other’s homes, let’s also watch out for each other by checking our speed in the community.  For those of you who rent, please let your renters know of our 20-mph speed limit.  There have been several close calls over the past few months.

Please respect the covenants and regulations of the community by running any major project by our Architectural Control Committee, chaired by Rich Firebaugh.


We continue to have several reports of loose or stray dogs.  If you encounter any aggressive dogs, or other animals, please contact Transylvania County Animal Services, (828) 883-3713.  If you have a dog or dogs please remember ILE and Transylvania County have leash laws, do not let your dogs run loose.

Dam Repairs

We are still working with the state’s local agents and hope to have more to report in May.

Real Estate

Last year ended with the sale of the Bell’s house at 484 Indian Lake Road to Hugh and Kelly Eason.

Please welcome them to our community.

Since the beginning of the year we have 2 houses on the market.

The Pipkins house at 87 Cherokee Circle and the Earl house at 58 Rainbows End

Canoe and Kayak Racks

A community wide e-mail will be sent out the end of March for those residents who wish to have a spot for 2020.

Water System

The upper well on Toxaway Trail has been severely strained.  We had a leak which had been draining the system to the amount of 3500+ gallons a day.  We have found and repaired the leak, but we are going to be testing the well to see if it will recover or if we need to drill another well to replace it.  We will keep you posted.  This incident shows the importance of shutting off your water if you will be leaving the community for more than a couple of days.


We will be updating our vendor listing on the web page so please send me any companies or workers who you would like to be included on this list.


The community is run by your neighbors who volunteer their time and energy on our various committees.  They would appreciate your help and input on the issues that affect us.

As of this upcoming September, the Office of President will be open to all interested members.  If you would like to throw your hat into the ring, please let any of the current board members know.  It has been my pleasure to serve the community for the last several years.  Our outstanding Committee Chairs are the people who do the work of keeping the community running so smoothly.  The president’s job is to take credit for all their hard work.

John T. McClung

President, ILE

(352) 232-3411