Cool, quiet, lush mountain living is at the heart of Indian Lake Estates.  With extraordinary mountain views focused around two shimmering lakes, ILE is ideal for full time and part time vacation living. A strong private residential community for over 40 years, we bask in a rich landscape with affordable homes and wooded home sites.

 Message from your Board of Directors:

Welcome from your ILC (Indian Lake Club) Board of Directors and all the Chairpersons of our various committees.  We are here to  serve you by maintaining the infrastructure and integrity of our community.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if issues arise which need our attention.  With everyone’s assistance we will continue to have the best place to live in WNC.

Thank you

John McClung,
Phone: 352.232.3411

NEW Canoe Policy:

At the Annual Community Meeting it was decided the shortage of canoe racks needed to be addressed.  After a lively conversation the actions below were voted on and passed by a great majority of those attending.

  1. By April 15th, 2018 all canoes must be removed from the racks at the Lakefront Park.  The racks will be refurbished at this time.  Any canoe still on the rack by April 15th will be removed and transported to the owners lot at a charge of $50.00.
  2. In early April of each year, starting in 2018, an e-mail will be sent to the community and all those wishing a spot for their canoe need to respond.  There will be an annual fee of $50.00 for the rack space.
  3. In Early May of each year, two lottery drawings will be held to determine who gets to use the spots until April of the following year.  The first drawing will be limited to all those who responded that they (a) wanted a canoe rack spot for the next year and (b) agree to pay the $50 annual fee and (c) did NOT have a spot the current year. The second drawing  will be comprised of those individuals who had spots the current year and agree to a and b above, and will be held only if vacant spots remain after the first drawing.
  4. The winners will be notified immediately and may move their canoe to the racks at that time.
  5. These steps will be undertaken every year to insure everyone has an opportunity to house their canoe on the racks.  The fees will be used to enhance and enlarge the rack system.

The community feels this to be the fairest and simplest way for everyone to have access to the racks and clear out those canoes which are never used.

Thank you,
John McClung
President, Indian Lake Club


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