Indian Lake Club, Inc.  Indian Lake Estates


Fall is definitely here and winter is just around the corner.  We have had some storms with major winds in the last several weeks.  One of these brought a large tree down onto a house in the community.  Brian and Jan Gorman were walking their dogs the next day and noticed the damage.  They immediately contacted the board who contacted the owners.  Although not here at the time the residents were notified and were able to arrange temporary repairs before any more damage was done.  This was a perfect example of how we watch out for each other. It is important to make sure your contact information is up to date should we need to contact you.

 Good Neighbors

Along with watching out for each other’s homes, let’s also watch out for each other by checking our speed in the community.

Please respect the covenants and regulations of the community by running any major project by our Architectural Control Committee, chaired by Michael Gould.


We have had several reports of loose or stray dogs roaming the community.  If you encounter any aggressive dogs, or other animals, please contact Transylvania County Animal Services, (828) 883-3713.

Dam Repairs

The State has asked for an additional study regarding the Dam and John Pappas is making those arrangements.  We will keep you posted to changes or progress as they occur.

Waterfront Wednesdays

The Wednesday Gatherings have come to an end for the year.  The turnout for this year had been outstanding with all having a great time.

 Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party will be on Saturday Dec. 9th at Dick and Pauline Hennig’s house.  Please contact me if you did not receive your invitation as it has been e-mailed.

John T. McClung
President, ILE
(352) 232-3411