Greetings from your new HOA president!

One of my favorite things about spring is the sense that all things are new again. In that regard, we also have a new president! That would be me, Hedgie Bartol. My wife, Ashley, and I have taken the leap and moved here to our Indian Lake paradise full time and couldn’t be happier.

I just want to thank everyone in advance for their patience with me as I take on this role. I have never been in a position like this, but look forward to serving the community that we all love, embark on a mission to continue all the work that has been done before, and build upon that to further bring our community together and hopefully have some fun as we do so.

I will try to bring accurate and relevant updates in a timely manner and work with the other members of the board, as well as community members, to take care of our neighborhood, our residents, and their guests. I am always open to your thoughts and ideas as we anxiously emerge from the COVID restrictions and return to a time where we can interact and spend time together.

Please forgive me for any gaffs and mistakes I make. I will do the best I can and will receive any suggestions, criticisms, and compliments all in the manner they are intended (to help) but of course, I prefer the compliments.

• It is that time of year where we all come out from hibernation and enjoy the great outdoors. Be aware that this means more traffic in our neighborhood, to include walkers and runners. There are many blind curves and narrow roads. It is even more important to mind your speed and stay to the right to protect each other.

• Folks, there is a leash law. This is not just to respect others in the neighborhood but for the safety of your pet with cars and perhaps other animals that may be wild or unfriendly toward other dogs. Please be sure that your dogs are on a leash or under your command if they are not on your own property.

• There are racks available at the waterfront park for your canoes and kayaks. If you are storing your crafts there, make sure that they are in the racks and secured with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized usage. If you would like a slot on the racks, please reach out to me to have one assigned. There is an annual fee of $25 that helps to pay for the maintenance of the rack and park. We have limited space, so make sure you claim a spot if you would like one.

• At the end of last year, Amber and Brooks Sherrell joined the neighborhood at 47 Thunderbird Lane.

• This year so far, we have two new homeowners:
o George & Regina Fleszar from Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl purchased 352 Cherokee Circle (McClung home)
o Lou Ann and Dean Kelly from Ravenel, South Carolina purchased 304 Toxaway Trail (Pate home)
Please welcome them all to our community.

• If you have worked with any companies or individuals that you would like to recommend, we do try to keep a list of resources to make it easier to find good folks to help us out with things around our homes. Let us know!
I would like to give a special thank you to all the folks that volunteer to take care of our community. The Board of Directors spends a great deal of time making sure that all aspects of our community are taken care of and I am grateful for all that they do.

Additionally, we can always use help at various times through the year. Should you feel so inclined to contribute to our community, please let us know. If you have any special talents that would benefit the neighborhood, take a minute and brag on yourself so that we can connect with each other and help each other out!
In that regard, we will have a clean up day at the park tomorrow (April 14th) at 10:30 am. If you are able, please join us to take care of our community… It takes a village!

Thank you again for your patience. We are looking forward to more opportunities in the coming year to connect with each other, share some fun and fellowship, and get to know you even more. Let’s take this opportunity to come together to support one another and enjoy this little slice of paradise that we share.

Hedgie Bartol
President, ILE