Steps for Architectural Control Committee Approval

When Building a New Home at Indian Lake Estates

  1. Homeowner must submit the Indian Lake Club ACR Checklist Sheet with all required information and pay the required impact fee. Check should be made payable to ‘Indian Lake Club, Inc.’ and sent to the following address:

Indian Lake Club, PO Box 371, Lake Toxaway, NC   28747

  1. Homeowner must submit a copy of County Septic permit including number of bedrooms the site is approved for.
  1. Homeowner must submit the following:
    1.  Survey showing:
      1. the lot with the house footprint,
      2. setback dimensions of house from front and side lot lines,
      3. setback dimension of house or septic system from shoreline if the lot is on one of the lakes,
      4. location of septic tank and septic drain (leach) field on the lot,
      5. location of driveway if a driveway is planned.
      6. area to be cleared of trees and vegetation.
    2. Construction plans including:
      1. a foundation plan,
      2. floor plans,
      3. elevation views.
  1. Homeowner must indicate side property lines on lot by placing survey ribbons on the trees and must also mark the survey pins on the lot corners with ribbons.
  1. Homeowner must stake corners of house with ribbons and corners of septic field with ribbons.
  1. Homeowner must submit copy of construction permit from the County.
  1. Homeowner may submit some of the above items for ‘conditional approval’, but will not receive ‘final approval’ until all steps above have been completed.
    1. Once all above steps are completed, the homeowner must notify the chair of the Architectural Control Committee to request ACC review and final approval to build.
    2. Approval or rejection will occur within 30 days of this notification.
    3. If approved, the ACC will create an approval letter customized from the template on ILE’s website (word doc), and the Secretary will forward it as an attachment to the prospective homeowner to print out, sign, and return to the Club prior to commencing construction.


Steps to Get a Septic Permit and a Building Permit in Transylvania County

  1. Septic Permit – Call the Transylvania Environmental Health Department to request someone to go to the property and do a perc test. It is best to be there when they test so that they know where the septic system will be located on the lot.
    1. Phone number is 828.884.3139, extension 243
    2. Once the test is complete a Septic Permit (including number of bedrooms allowed) will be given for the lot.
  1. Building Permit –
    1. Requirements for a Building Permit
      1. Septic Permit
      2. Lien Agency Form (new requirement)
      3. Proof of Insurance for workman’s comp
      4. General description of what is to be built.
    2. To find out more, contact the Building and Permitting Department of Transylvania County.
      1. Located at the Community Services Building, 98 E. Morgan St., Brevard.
      2. Phone number is 828.884.3209
      3. Link –


 Indian Lake Club ACR Checklist Sheet
(Revision V6_2017)