INDIAN LAKE CLUB, Inc. – Indian Lake Estates
PO Box 371, Lake Toxaway, NC  28747-0371

Today’s Date

M/M John Homeowner
2007 Any Street
Lake Toxaway, NC  28747

Dear Homeowner:

Congratulations!  Your plans for construction have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee and accepted by the Board of Directors.

The following points are understood by both parties – you, the owner, and the Club.

  1. The Architectural Control Regulations, found on the club website, have been read and understood, and will be adhered to.
  2. The Specific Damage Clause of the ACR is accepted.
  3. A member or members of the ACC will meet with you and the builder, prior to construction.
  4. A silt fence will be erected prior to commencement of construction and maintained through construction completion.
  5. The construction site will be kept clean of debris on a regular basis.
  6. ACC member(s) will conduct routine inspections.
  7. Bared earth will be covered by straw, seeded, or hydroseeded as soon as excavation is completed.

For security, it is recommended that a chain be placed across the entrance to your property, indicating construction and caution to the casual observer.

Please sign and return a copy of this letter to the Club address above, or directly to a member of the ACC.  No construction or site work may proceed until this letter is signed by you and received by the Club.  The letter will be placed in the Club files.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Secretary or the ACC Chair.


The Architectural Control Committee – Aleta Tisdale (Chair), Michael Gould, Dave Abrahamson, John McClung, Chris Bartol


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